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Wood Products


Our team has experience in building, designing and engineering complex woodwork projects. This understanding of construction combined with our technological skill set produces a unique offering to the construction sector “design assist”. Design assist allows us to work alongside design teams or be the design team on complex woodworking projects. We see ourselves as being the link between architects and the traditional joinery. This service turns concept designs into reality, in an efficient and manged way.

The process takes a concept design and evaluates its feasibility, looking critically at the materials properties and suitability. We evaluate the possible construction methods and engineer a solution which is ready for manufacture. This process is carried out with a mixture of 2D & 3D modeling, prototyping and testing. If the projects require coordination with other contractors, we use BIM tools to achieve an accurate finished product.

Our goal is to realise the original design intent within the confines of the raw materials specified.

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